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The Cavitex Official Mascot

The CAVITEX official mascot is the Heron bird. The Heron bird breeds in the lush mangrove park surrounding the expressway.

The “salakot” Geron uses signifies the head gear used by the Filipino soldiers during the revolution against the Spaniards and Americans.

The revolution of the 1800’s as depicted by the “salakot” is also linked to the home province of the first Philippine president (Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo) which is Kawit, Cavite. Kawit is the southernmost tip of CAVITEX.

CAVITEX choose the Philippine Heron Bird to be its mascot for the following characteristics:

  • Resounds the word hero reflecting province of Cavite also known to be a land of heroes.
  • Geron the heron is a survivor.
  • An endemic avian species.
  • Habitat is in coastal areas and rice fields.

Geron as CAVITEX representative wears:

‘Salakot’ of the Philippines Revolution  of the 1800’s signifying the heroic province of Cavite. Red/Orange scarf represents the masses that revolted against the Spaniards and the Americans.  It symbolizes keen on safe travel and a continuing struggle for self preservation of its invaded habitat; and the CAVITEX Royal blue T-shirt which represents the mother company under MPTC.