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Last week an accident involving a public utility jeepney (PUJ) and two buses along CAVITEX were all over the news. Investigation showed that the three vehicles involved were traversing the expressway heading north when the jeepney’s rear tire blew up, causing a multiple collision amongst the jeepney and the buses. During the investigation, it was observed that apart from the defective tire of the jeep, the buses were also not observing the proper braking distance.

The CAVITEX Patrol Crew and emergency medical response teams were immediately on site to assist the injured motorists and to secure the area to prevent secondary accidents. Security guards also responded to help manage the traffic especially from curious motorists passing by that have caused traffic build-up of approximately 2kms.

As part of CAVITEX’s effort in refreshing motorists on safety driving in a high speed expressway, it has come up with safety campaigns including a Tire Maintenance and Safety Awareness Campaign. The campaign has been running since last year to address the increase of tire related incidents. The tire safety campaign this year is being co-sponsored by Bridgestone Philippines, which includes posters with safety messages regularly posted in the CAVITEX Facebook page. The program was also complemented by leaflet distribution in all toll plazas from April to May focusing on the importance of tire tread, proper inflation and regular rotation. At the Paranaque toll plaza, motorists are also welcomed by a toll booth banner message that reads “Ikaw ang talo sa Gulong na Kalbo”.

In the coming months, CAVITEX will be pushing for more safety campaigns as well as continue the regular dialogues with transport groups to remind the motorists of the do’s and don’ts in the expressway. This undertaking is called the Transportation Organizations Promoting Advocacies on Road Safety Guild or TROPANG CAVITEX.

Last week’s traffic incident had 28 injuries all of whom were passengers of the jeepney. They were all rushed to the San Juan de Dios Hospital and there were no fatalities reported.