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CAVITEX partners with TRB to ease tollway payment


Cavite, Philippines. Cavite Infrastructure Corporation (CIC) partners with the Toll Regulatory Board to offer motorists added convenience in toll payment along CAVITEX through its latest toll innovation known as the E-TAP card.

“We are glad to unveil this project in cooperation with CIC. Cavitex is a good starting point in helping us realize the inter-operability of all toll expressways, “said Atty. Edmundo Reyes, Executive Director of the Toll Regulatory Board.

The Cavitex E-Tap Card is a prepaid stored value smartcard that uses Mifare® contactless technology similar to a credit card. “This facility is expected to enhance the speed of paying at the toll ways and is also very convenient because motorists are no longer needed to prepare for small change or wait in queue at the cash lane to complete the transaction. All they have to do is tap the card on the card reader and they’re good to go. And the best part is that the load balance can be seen real time at the tapping point so the amount left in the card is tracked easily and reloading can be done by the teller if needed,” said Andrew D. Deyto, President and General Manager of Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation.

It is easy for motorists to buy and use the E-Tap card. Each time a user taps the card, the card reader will deduct the exact fare from the value stored. Reloading can be done at the toll plaza in on a per hundred denomination.

Reloading of E-Tap Card
1. Reload can be done at the dedicated lane found at the toll plaza.
2. Inform the Toll Teller the required reload value, all payments must be in cash.
3. Your card will be reloaded and returned immediately.

Use of Card
1. Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Card at all times.
2. Tap the Card at the reader and wait for “beep” sound.
3. Toll Fee will be deducted and Card balance will be displayed at the Fare Indicator.

1. Real-time tracking of stored value
a. Motorist can see the remaining value left in the card after tapping

2. Convenient and easy loading
a. Motorist can reload their E-Tap card with the tollway teller in denominations of 100.

3. Longer lifespan, convenient to bring.
a. E-tap card has a projected lifespan of 10 years and can be kept safe in your wallet.

4. No expensive hardware needed
a. The motorist just uses his E-Tap card to go through the tollway. No bulky hardware needed.

5. Transferable
a. The E-Tap card can be used in any vehicle. No registration needed.

6. Interoperability platform ready.

Toll Regulatory Board and Cavitex Infrastructure Corp. M.O.A. Signing in Golden Bay Sea Food Restaurant, July 5, 2012

Concession-holder Cavite Infrastructure Corp., Malaysia’s RTS Technology Sdn. Bhd. Witnessed by the Toll Regulatory Board on Thursday signed an agreement to adopt the E-TAP card for toll payments along the 14-kilometer CAVITEX. From Left Michael Allan Gonzalez RTS Operations Manager, Lee Tiam RTS Managing Director, Andrew Deyto President Cavitex Infrastructure Corp, Atty. Edmundo Reyes, Jr TRB Executive Director, Aldo Barrios PEATC Operations Head.

Toll Regulatory Board Executive Director Atty. Edmundo Reyes, Jr congratulates Cavitex Infrstructure Corp President Andrew Deyto after sealing the deal with Malaysia’s RTS Technology Sdn. Bhd represented by Lee Tiam Managing Director. Witnessed by Michael Allan Gonzalez RTS Operations Manager (extreme left) and Aldo Barrios, PEATC Operations Head (extreme right).