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Cavitex Tollway uses E-card and Radar gun

Cavitex Tollway uses E-Card and Radar gun

It will be a breeze traveling on the Cavite Expressway but motorists will have to watch the radar guns of tollway officers, minding the 60 to 100 kilometers per hour speed limit.

Cavite Infrastructure Corp. and the Tollway Regulatory Board have introduced the electronic payment system, allowing road users to tap a pre-paid magnetic guard to gain access to the expressway.

“This is expected to enhance the speed of paying at the toll ways,” said CIC President and General Manager Andrew Deyto.

The stored value card based on Mifare technology which is the widely used system for mass consumer application in transport, parking and other services.

“All they have to do is tap the card on the card reader and they’re good to go. And the best part is that the load balance can be seen real time at the tapping point so the amount left in the card is tracked easily and reloading can be done by the teller if needed,” Deyto said.

TRB executive director Edmundo Reyes said road technology is the way to go.

“CAVITEX is a good starting point in helping us realize the inter-operability of all toll expressways,” he said.

On Thursday, Deyto and Reyes also unveiled the traffic radar gun which is designed to lock on vehicles violating the 60-100 kph limit on the road formerly known as Manila Cavite Toll Expressway.

They underscored the infrastructure’s speed-safety policy being enforced at all times.

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