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Introducing Easy Drive !

Introducing Easy Drive! The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system for toll payments in Cavitex. This small, self-contained communication device  is mounted on the vehicle’s windshield or head lamp to enable radio frequency communication and pass through the toll gates with ease.

What you need to know about this product.

Definition of Terms:

  1. EasyDrive RFID sticker tag: a small, self-contained communication device which is mounted in the subscriber’s vehicle to enable radio frequency communication with the ETC system. It is programmed with specific customer account information which is read by an antenna mounted at the toll plaza.
  2. RFID sticker tag lane: a lane for Class 1 vehicles using the RFID sticker tag. By using this lane (EasyDrive Only), the required toll is deducted from the subscriber’s account balance electronically.
  3. CAVITEX Customer Service Center/POS: The CAVITEX CS Center is located near the ParanaqueTollPlaza where motorists can apply for an RFID sticker tag account. This is also where motorists can reload their EasyDrive account; the center also entertains queries and concerns regarding their travels at CAVITEX.
  4. Replenishment Threshold: The minimum balance of the subscriber’s EasyDrive account is set at P100.00

The EasyDrive RFID Sticker Tag:

  1. Exclusive to Class 1 vehicles.
  2. The account comes with one (1) RFID sticker tag and it is non-transferable
  3. Toll charges are deducted from the account every time the sticker tag is used.
  4. In opening an EasyDrive account, the subscriber shall ensure that the account has sufficient balance or load. Failure to maintain sufficient balance may impede the subscriber’s access through the designated lanes. CAVITEX management and/or its affiliates will not be held liable for any damage or delay caused by the subscriber’s failure to maintain sufficient balance in his EasyDrive account.
  1. The use of the EasyDrive RFID sticker tag shall be limited to the designated toll lanes at the CAVITEX toll plazas.
  2. If the sticker tag is defective or unreadable, the subscriber must present their Barcode Card to the teller to swipe. If Barcode Card is also unreadable, customer shall pay cash and proceed to Customer Service for replacement.
  3. If the subscriber’s Class 1 vehicle exceeds the defined specifications (i.e. the vehicle has a trailer, or a top cargo load), the subscriber will not be allowed at the designated RFID sticker tag lane and will be asked to pay in cash.
  4. Lost or stolen Barcode Card should be reported immediately to Customer Service. The subscriber should submit an affidavit of loss or police report to document such loss. The subscriber shall continue to be responsible and liable for the unauthorized use of the sticker tag until the time the loss is reported.


The RFID sticker tag/Barcode Card has a warranty for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase and can be replaced provided that there is no physical damage to the sticker tag.

Replacement Policy

An RFID Sticker Tag/Barcode Card may be replaced for free only for valid reasons and if the sticker tag is still under warranty. The tag will be subjected to physical and system check. If the sticker tag/Barcode Card is unreadable in the system and there is no visible damage, a replacement will be provided and the tag balance will remain on his account. If the tag has physical damage, replacement will not be granted and the customer will be advised to buy a new RFID Sticker Tag/Barcode card. Refund will not be given for the tag/card cost in case a customer wants to return the sticker tag with invalid reasons.

Suspension and Termination of account

In cases where the sticker/card is beyond warranty and the customer wishes to terminate the account, only the tag balance can be refunded within 7 day/s upon submission of termination letter, provided that the subscriber submits the request letter to Customer Service and subject for approval.


Any complaints related to a particular RFID sticker tag transaction shall be filed in writing with CAVITEX only within sixty (60) days from the date of the transaction.

If the complaint is meritorious, CAVITEX and its affiliate/s shall refund the amount in question.