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It’s Back To School, Take The Easy Way

Being prepared at the start of the school year goes a long way to making you and your child’s day a happy one, everyday.
Home needn’t be a battleground between parents and children if you put some firm rules into place early on this might lessen friction and put everyone is in a good frame of mind.

Another thing to consider is the trip to school, plan out the roads that you will be taking, to make your trip to school a smoother drive, observe traffic flows at
certain times of the day so routes are planned accordingly. Roads like CAVITEX provide a short, quick and easy way to and from Cavite to Manila, an option to consider especially if one wants to shorten travel time.

Cavitex has undertaken road repairs and upgrading and continue to do so to give motorists an enjoyable experience when using the road.
“We are fast tracking all our infrastructure development plans to facilitate greater access to developmental activities, as well as provide convenient travel to parents
and students when school opens.” Said President and General Manager of Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation, Andrew D. Deyto.

In addition, Cavitex provides a 24/7 road assistance to all motorists. “Safety and Security is a priority specially that more students are on the road,
starting the month of June which is also the start of rainy days, wet roads are slippery so we make sure that we are on hand to ensure the motorists well being.” Added Deyto.

Start the schoolyear right and having a good action plan will definitely ease any worries which leaves both parent and child
look forward to schooldays.