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New Route to Tagaytay

New Route to Tagaytay

Cavite, Philippines – Cavite Expressway offers an alternative route to try to and from Tagaytay, coming from Roxas Boulevard via Cavitex Kawit exit. Downloadable maps of the route options are available at .

The routes promise road trippers a showcase of appealing historic towns of Cavite, it’s burgeoning business locations and interesting landmarks like the Aguinaldo shrine, Bantayog ng Labing Tatlong Bayani, Gat Andres Bonifacio marker to name a few.

Cavitex has undertaken road upgrading and continue to do so to give motorists an enjoyable experience when using the road. “We are fast tracking all our infrastructure development plans to facilitate greater access to developmental activities, as well as provide convenient travel.” said President and General Manager of Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation, Andrew D. Deyto.

In addition, Cavitex provides a 24/7 road assistance to all motorists. “Safety and Security is a priority so we make sure that we are on hand to ensure the motorists well being.” Added Deyto.

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